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The Lion – 1991 Kawasaki Concours

I purchased The Lion in September 2009 shortly after receiving my motorcycle license.  My first bike was the Lil Soldier, which I felt was too small and not suitable for longer rides.  I decided to purchase a Concours because they didn’t change much from 1988 – 2008 when the new C-14 model came out.  There is huge support for the Concours thanks to the excellent forums over at They’ve done pretty much every upgrade, every fix, and every mod to the Connie.  The parts for the Concours are also quite cheap and readily available.

The Concours engine is 1000cc derived from the Ninja 1000R engine, except the Connie is tuned for torque.  With the big full faring, and my custom Rifle 26″ windshield, it’s fairly calm in the seat of The Lion, even at high-speeds required for California driving.  The thing is a freaking Air-Hatchet!  With it’s 7.5 gallon tank, and about 41 MPG, The Lion has a range pushing 300 miles a tank.

The Lion had about 36,000 miles on it when I bought it, and it’s at about 42,000 now.  Some people get 100K, 200K and even 300K out the their Connies, and I plan to get 100K at least.  I’ve added Murph’s Heated Grips (recommended!), Murph’s Handlebar Risers, and a Rifle 26″ windshield.

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