Ione Ride 05/29/10

I rode The Lion about 300 miles towards the foothills of Tahoe last Saturday.  My goal was to ride the “12 Loop”, which starts with highway 12 right over the Bay Bridge in the Eastern Bay.  From there, I was aiming to head east towards Tahoe, Amador County, and generally get lost in the fast twisties of Northern California.

I wound up checking out the national Railway Museum, and a wind farm before stopping in Rio Vista at Shelby’s for a little breakie.  I found Shelby’s to be pretty decent, but the reviewers on Yelp don’t think so.

Back on the road, I saw two nuclear cooling towers, rode along some long river/resevour kinda deal with lots of grated draw bridges, but nowhere to stop for photos.

On the smaller highways of Northern California, the junctions typically happen in the middle of a small town, and the junctions aren’t always wall marked.  I wound up missing a connection somewhere, and wound up riding through Sacramento on Hwy 80 back east until Davis, then I peeled off towards the coast.

In Sonoma, I saw some grave vines, headed to San Rafael, cruised down 101, and finally the Golden Gate bridge.

I know what you’re thinking – So where’s the map?  I’ve got a Google Earth KML file for this ride, which actually only tracked half of this ride because I forgot to hit Start in Sports Tracker.  Anyone know how to upload a file that’s not a picture or video in WordPress 3.0 Beta?  I don’t!  Ione Ride 05/29/10

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